ITarian Release Notes 2022-11-03 (v7.3.1.0)

PDF File: Release Notes - 2022-11-03.pdf (265.2 KB)


This document contains notes about the ITarian Platform release for 3 November 2022.

The release schedule will be as follows:


The release is extremely small on the ITarian platform this update, focus is on giving additional insight into the future with Beta’s and communication abilities.

ITarian Platform

Portal (PSA)

Nothing for this release.

Endpoint Manager (RMM)

Patch Management

Nothing for this release.

Device Management


  • Remove Support for older macOS devices. (ITA-151)
  • 2FA requirement and ability inside Mobile Remote Control for Android. (ITA-115)
  • Mobile Remote Control for Android has ability to connect to macOS

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


  • Remove Support for older iOS devices. (ITA-152)
  • Remove Support for older Android devices. (ITA-153)

Service Desk (SD)

Nothing for this release.


  • Separation in release notes area from Xcitium so ITarian can publish updates and messages to clients.
  • New Mac agent that has updated driver to allow Android mobile to connect. [BETA]
  • FormBot integration allowing you to add new app from store and use its abilities to generate and capture data using forms.

Have you had problems with the new CommClient version 7.3.44151.22110?
In your experience is it safe to mass-update?
Thank you

At the moment we have no concerns or issues reported for the latest version

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We’ve pushed it out to address issues with the previous version and so far no issues.


Is this only relevant for Xcituim platform ?

This document contains notes about the ITarian Platform release for 3November 2022.

The release notes are for what platform ?, as I’m still with Itarian and have this, latest client version 7.2.xxxx no 7.3

The release notes mention FormBot, again not working error 403, is that for xcituim only as well ?

If this is the case, then just split the forum into one for Xcituim and one for Itarian.
Its far too messy the way it is, we are told it’s now two seperate companies, one does xyz, the other abc, then bite the bullet and be real split and be done with it, if its blended and the same technology back end - then make it all the same.


We are two different platforms with shared components.

The Communication Client (Agent) for ITarian is v7.2.xxxxx
Xcitium have a slightly different Communication Client to us with a version number of v7.3.xxxx

Xcitium does have it’s own forum which can be found here
Xcitium Forum