iTarian Remote Access verses iTarian Remote Control

I believe these two services are actually separate from each other, but I would prefer to get some clarification to be sure.

I have an MSP account with iTarian, which I use to manage and protect several different groups of client machines. The remote Control feature is extremely handy in the current remote working state of the world, as many know.

My question is about helping clients that may come to my business for support that would not typically be enrolled with Endpoint Protection or long term service, but may need remote access support once or twice with a specific ad-hoc issue. The iTarian Remote Access software, available in the Tools section of my portal, allows for this, though it is limited to only Windows systems. Otherwise it appears to be an effective “TeamViewer Lite” method of remote access.

Is it possible to use my Remote Control software to connect to a remote system that has Remote Access running? As I mentioned, I suspect the answer is no, as there is no obvious way to start a manual connection with a Remote Access ID and password. This, however, would be extremely handy as I would prefer not to flip systems to help customers (my main system is Mac OS).


Hi Andrew

Both products are separate and the only way to connect adhoc using Itarian Remote Access is for the remote user to provide their ID and password.

Thank you… that is what I assumed. I look forward to a future release of a Mac OS X version of Remote Access.