Itarian Remote stay signed in

It would be really nice if the stay signed in checkbox actually worked to keep me signed in so I don’t have to sign in every few hours on my main support PC. Also, although I have two factor enabled, it would be great if there was a checkbox option not to require 2 factor for main main PC (the way Amazon and Google do it for example).


I find it works on some of my PC’s and not others… not sure what the difference is…


Hi @RussKinch and @invisikcorp

Thanks for your interest of Remote Control!

I will check the situation with team and I will reponse as soon as possible.



I can confirm the same issue, mostly using chrome and whenever I need to access the web page pauses and redirects to sign in again, but does not want 2fa again however, sort of like a time out of say 2 hours.
If I use the site within that period it stays logged in.
I have not tested in another browser for a while, but will give brave or duckduckgo browser a run and see if it does the same.

Also if I forget to log out of a remote session I cannot login to that machine from anywhere else when requiring access, I find that the most frustrating of all, cannot close or duplicate remote access if a session in running.
I can go in via any desk and kill the itariarn session, but then I’m on any desk anyway and it works just as well (my fall back/fail over system) so I stay on that until the job is done, and try to remember why I changed…


@mcfproservices Use Remote Tools > Process Explorer > connect as System User to your other workstation and stop the RViewer process - there is a separate one for each active ITRC connection to remote hosts.

Thanks, I thought there would be a way to do this, reconnecting after drop outs requires the same thing as the remote “thinks” a session is still running.
I have been used to concurrent sessions and auto reconnects, I may send this in as a request.


Hello @mcfproservices ,

Thanks for your interest on Remote Control!

We can understand your problem about remote session timed out and actually we have a planned item about that. It is in our roadmap.

Thank you for your interest and your request.

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Gizem Küçüklergil