ITarian - RMM Reports

Dear All,

We are pleased to have made great progress on our reports for the RMM (Endpoint Manager) side of the platform.

At the moment the system known as “Custom Reports” has not been released to all as we are now doing some beta testing, so this is a call to arms for our customers to these features enabled in their portal, and give feedback so we can correct or improve this feature before release.

Some quick snaps on what this looks like are

If you are interested in getting these reports / tools added to your account for beta testing and feedback via this forum post please send a PM to me with the following information: -

  • Name
  • Company
  • ITarian admin email address
Using this information I shall create a internal ticket for our dev team to activate the service and report back once done via the PM on this forum.

We are excited to give people access and see what feedback we get!


ITarian Product Manager