ITarian Roadmap

Dear All,

As some of you might be aware and others I have spoken to directly; we have been working hard to grab all your feature requests, issues and needs. All this information is now collected by our new and working well feedback site which can be found at

As a product of all this information we are pleased to announce our first official roadmap in years!

Please note that this will be reviewed monthly to make sure we meet security and critical issues ASAP which of course could mean some items could be delayed, updated versions will be released here.

Please do not submit feedback / feature requests on this forum or thread, but do feel free to discuss the plan(s).


Looking forward to all these improvements, especially Patch Management being relaunched.

Hi, would it be possible to have the above roadmap updated with the current status of platform development?

Is patch management for Mac being planned?


Hello @RT-AMS-ITarian MyAARPMedicare

Thanks for sharing such great information, I highly appreciate your hard-working skills as the post you published have some great information which is quite beneficial for me, I hope you will post more like that in the future.

Best Regards

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