ITarian Staff Enrollment 2FA

I am attempting to test creating a new Staff member’s access to my RMM. I noticed after the invite email was sent out, password was created, and 1st time logging on to ITarian that it forces 2FA. Is there any way to bypass this temporarily? Also, the wording is confusing - “You can disable two-factor authentication unless you have more than 50 managed devices.” Does this mean that unless I have more than 50 endpoints, I cannot disable 2FA? Or, is it the opposite?

Also, 1st-time password sign-on does not work as it should. This is also confusing? " Your ITarian account will be synchronized with your ITarian License Account (, from now on your ITarian License Account will be used to login to ITarian. Please provide your ITarian License Account password below." → So, I typed in the NEW password I just used to sign on, 2FA code, and then this message pops up and will not allow me past until I authenticate with what it thinks is my password or forces me to do “Forgot password”. Why will it not accept the password that brought me to this dashboard? What am I missing here?

I seem to remember that 2fa is obligatory for 50+ endpoints.