Itarian Support - Positive Feedback

First up I wish to say I’ve had a very positive interaction when logging a help request from recently.

It was about the security suite AEP blocking or containment issues on “trusted” files.
Vignesh from ITarian Support replied with a very comprehensive email, including and explanation with supporting screenshots, (not just a do this and that canned type reply)
He even checked a few profiles and rules that may have been an issues on a few of my servers.

We often only post the bad experiences, however this was a very positive one, and followed up after a day or so to see if everything was resolved.

I still have a few processes getting blocked, but they are not impacting my users, plus I have the “correct” way to add rules, way better than reading the manual online and still not getting it to work.

Well done.



Supports this community.

Thank you for spending the time to right a positive response. As you say this is far and few between and is nice to hear what we are doing right.

Obviously we aim to make sure all aspects of our services get to this level.

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