It's been one hell of a couple of months!!!

OK… so I hope Comodo is listening to this… Itarian is great… ccs 11.3 seems to be functioning… The promptness of Comodos team in fixing the issues with ccs was great…

We’re still trialing the product and dont have a lot of our endpoints on Itarian yet but of the ones we do, we have the full CCS running relatively stable now on 70% and the other 30% with the Firewall/containment tabs deleted (not ideal but it works and doesnt alarm the client).

Please PLEASE can we have a few months respite without any more major updates??? The odd fix yeah… but my nerves simply cant cope with another episode like we’ve had the last couple of months.

My staff and myself have probably spent as much time switching between ccs versions as we have generating revenue. It cant and wont be allowed to happen again. As I said… We like the product but any more of those issues and we’re gone. Lets just have a little time to forget the past few months please and do the work we’re meant to be doing… ie fixing our clients problems rather than problems we’ve created.

Thanks :).

Hi @Ed_Johnson , can I suggest you set your portal to a specific earlier release and only roll out the current releases after testing on machines.

It is possible to do the following:

  1. Download the latest CCS MSIs by amending the URLs below to the correct version number.
  2. Uninstall CCS.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Install CCS via command prompt running as administrator using the command below as an example

msiexec /i “C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\ces_64.msi” /q REBOOT=ReallySuppress CESMCONTEXT=1 MAKE_CESM_DEFAULT_CONFIG=1 CES_SANDBOX=1 CES_FIREWALL=1 CES_ANTIVIRUS=1 INSTALLFIREWALL=1 /l*v c:\install.log

  1. Wait 5+ minutes
  2. Restart PC
  3. Update the signatures with the update button
  4. Test before rolling out.

Hope this helps.

The feature to keep the same version is a good idea for sure, but the problem is doing this you could be months behind leaving security holes not fixed.

In regards to CCC, now the performance issues are solved all is much better and should not cause too many issues but a little test before hand is always advised.

On the side of what is happening, I do totally agree we need some stability in the product with not many changes to the desktop side.

Things that should happen are:-

  • Remove firewall as this solves 90% CCS issues
  • Add CMD / PS / Bash shells for remote to CCC

Then the portal needs tones of work like: -

  • working stats
  • reports
  • fixed quote manager
  • non crashing service desk

As MSPs we need our clients to not see issues for a few months allowing dust to settle, things for CCS and CCC to be extremely tested for a big release while in the meantime the supporting sections for MSPs are dealt with so we can bring some quality to our clients.

@Ed_Johnson ITarian is pretty good and interesting I would suggest to set all your settings to not auto update if that’s the case and to test in your test environment before rolling out to clients.

I agree that we need to spend less time troubleshooting issues on our end and put ourselves to better support our clients issues.

‘We want to inform you that due to some severe bugs found in updated version of Windows Communication Client, we have to postpone the hotfix release to next Tuesday (2019-06-18).’

Due to the lastest bugs (in a long line of bugs) we’ve decided to do as recommended above and disable all auto updates other than virus signatures.

but for the life of me I cant find the section in the platform where we specify default versions for EM & CCS… anyone point me in the right direction please??

Hi @Ed_Johnson ,

In the Endpoint Manager, select “Configuration Templates>Profiles” in there select your profile go to the updates tab (if the tab is missing, click Add Profile Section>Updates, which will then add it to you tabs), in the Updates section you have the settings for Communication Client updates, and CSS Updates that you can modify.

EDIT: Sorry, Just realized you were looking for controls allowing to select a specific version as default.

Can you provide a screenshot for * Add CMD / PS / Bash shells for remote to CCC?

Hi @Ed_Johnson

but for the life of me I cant find the section in the platform where we specify default versions for EM & CCS… anyone point me in the right direction please??

Please check this wiki guide: How to setup default version of the communication and security clients

Not a current feature but something that is a must to get this system from good to great.

How’s 11.3 been for everyone? I’ve started rolling it out without issues.

It seems pretty stable… We had one endpoint fail with the firewall problem (luckily one of our own) but I suspect this could be due to some remnant from previous versions (just a guess).

So far so good. I’ve seen improvement in performance. Time will tell if this remains the case…

Ours was set to previous version, but we have noticed that has been ignored and has been installing on all machines anyway

Is that EM or CCS??


So we are using it, and no one complaining about the upgrade.

But what is point of protection setting of the damn thing does not work

Hi @StrobeTech ,

Good day!
We’ve created a support ticket for your concern.
Please respond to the email we’ve sent you so we can assist you with the issue.

Thank you.

As stated on the support ticket, the issue is that the update section of the profile updates to the latest version and not the selected latest version for our environment.

Obviously this needs to change else there is not way of updating computers from legacy to your current or current to next current without mass policy updates all the time.

@Vincent_C , please keep me updated on the issue @StrobeTech has mentioned…


Good day!
Issue has been escalated to our developers.
We’ll post the developers insights once an update is available.

Thank you.

i hate to say it but since day one it has been ongoing issues. we are looking for another solution besides this. too much babysitting and unpredictable results. you get what you pay for!