ITSM Agents not working

I have deployed several ITSM agents on workstations for different clients 2 weeks ago. This week I was unable to troubleshoot issues remotely and had to use 3rd party remote software to repair or uninstall and reinstall comodo agents to work again. Is there something that is broken in the software? I don’t want to waste time fixing comodo remote agents when I could use another software to remote in! I prefer comodo so please fix this issue

The agent would show the machine is offline but the user’s machine was online and had network connectivity

Hello @jtlogic
May we suggest checking the ITSM Service on the ‘faulty’ endpoint if it is running or not. You can also change the startup type to ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’. This would mean a delayed update with the endpoint’s status on ITSM but ensures that the service is not deprived of resources it needs to properly launch itself.

Also of note, there is an upcoming update to the C1 platform this Saturday (15 July 2017) as improvements specific to CCC (ITSM agent) will be rolled out by that time. Further details about the upcoming C1 platform update will be released soon in the Products sub-forum.

@Rick_C TE=Rick C;n13853]Hello @jtlogic
change the startup type to ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’.[/QUOTE]

In testing ive found that this make no difference what so ever. I created an alert to notify me when machines went offline. Seems that it happens alot!

@ Rick You mention that the platform upgrade is due on the 15th but there has been no advisory about it? When can we expect this? Bearing in mind that its 2:00am on the 15th in NZ now!!!

Hi @Joners
The update will be rolled out during the early hours (US Eastern time) this coming Saturday (15 July 2017). That would be late afternoon in NZ.

@Rick_C Are there any release notes?

Just wait for Ilker’s post later today in the Products sub-forum.

C1 we have for free. So if somebody dont want waste time - buy any of commercial products.

If you’re not trying to help solve a problem please don’t reply to my posts. Your feedback was useless. Thanks

again, this morning now I have more agents that will not let me connect, I have to find an alternative way to connect and waste my client’s time

Any ETA on a fix for this? I cannot access any endpoint currently, seems like comodo one is down today

I have hundreds of devices I support, why are none available??


Looks like it is working fine now, thanks guys! But please be sure to give us a few days notice before doing something like this again