ITSM and Endpoint Protection - Alerting for Threats/Quarantine

Has this been implemented yet, it seems to be a bit odd that the one paid portion of the platform does not integrate?

Hello @rockowwc,

Good day. For the alert that will show if the threat is quarantined, blocked or deleted, this feature will be implemented on 2018Q3. Thank you

When in ITSM. Look at the top right there is a bell. If you click this it should show you what you are after? Are you wanting something different ?

I am talking about alerts in ITMS that can be used to raise tickets and/or trigger auto remediation such as full scans.
Perhaps even the ability to emtpy or release from quarantine remotely.

Hello @rockowwc,

We would like to understand and know more about your ideas with threat/quarantine alert. More likely something like with monitoring feature. We have created a support ticket to get gather additional information. Thank you

Thanks for all of that information… I did get the alerts on the little bell in the one portal.
I was just surprised that ITMS itself has no way of generating a ticket from that alert other than emailing the service desk.