ITSM - Antivirus Portal


Why are all the options on the Antivirus portal Greyed Out? Also, even though I hit the Stop Scan and select again the machine, it still shows the Stop Scan is still active. See attached screenshot.


Hello @alfie013,

We appreciate for letting us know and sending us the screenshot. May we verify if you still have the same result after logging out and signing back into the portal? We would like to verify as well the av installed on the device TRNLT00. Thank you

Hi @Samuel_C

I have tried it many times, but the issue persists. BTW, those two machines are having the same issue. The installed AV for TRNLT00 is Comodo Antivirus (Free) and for NOCLT3 its Comodo Client-Security.


Hello @Damon C ,

Thank you for the information. However, I got the same issue with Comodo Client-Security where all the of the options are greyed out. BTW, NOCLT3 machine is using Comod Client-Security. See attached file.