ITSM August 14th - New Features trigger warning for Monitoring ...

Monitoring “Recommended Performance Monitoring” has been executed on device XXXXX showing up on PCs when scheduled tasks seem to be executing.

Does this take into consideration the scheduled tasks and make note and exempt this rule while a scheduled task is running?

Often scheduled tasks can tax system resources for great than 5 mins (backups or disc cleanup or disc defrag).

Thank You, this will give me better insight on how to build appropriate profiles.



The “Recommended Performance Monitoring” hes been executed since there are enough system resources to run it, it does take it in to consideration, but as for the priority of the execution in case of insufficient ones, we will have to return with an answer via e-mail once we have additional information.


You can modify the default values for your convenience. We are planning to introduce maintenance windows to be exempt from these monitors, so your night jobs wouldn’t trigger an alert. However, no exception on task perspective.