ITSM Bulk Install Silent Install via GPO

Does anyone know the command for silent install of the bulk install msi through GPO?

Hello @derrick.kleckner
The command for the silent installation specific to your C1 account can be found in the Patch Management.

  • From the C1 frontpage, click ‘Applications’ and choose ‘Patch Management’.
  • Once the PM page loads, click the grey button (which has your C1 account name) on the upper right part of the page. Choose ‘Agent Download’.
    The ‘Agent Download’ page will list the command lines for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Adjust the command line accordingly to what you need to use in GPO.


I am looking for the ITSM one not the Patch Managment one though.

As I mentioned in my previous reply, you just need to adjust the command line accordingly. The ‘patch_agent.msi’ has to be replaced with the file name of the ITSM agent.

The only “gotcha” with deploying by GPO is that the ITSM installer bulk deploy package is only good for ~90 days or something like that. Afterwards the token (I believe it’s the filename really) expires and it won’t register to your account after it’s installed. This cause me some headaches in the past. It would be nice if they could allow for ‘permanent’ tokens that could be activated with a switch. To me GPO is perfect because it ensures every computer joined to the domain will get ITSM installed.


As far as I know, you don’t need to specify any parameter for silent install for any MSI with GPO. GPO already runs it silent but please test it first if possible.

Thats 100% correct, we deployed the ITSM agent via GPO

All i did was follow the guide here.–-Bulk-Enrollment-via-Active-Directory.html

Just wanted to follow up with this, does the token in the bulk agent filename still expire after 90 days? Or is it safe to deploy as a permanent GPO so that any computer joined to the domain will then automatically be enrolled in C1?

Hi @indieserve ,

Yes, token in the bulk agent filename still expire after 90 days.