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Ok i have been doing some trouble shooting as some end points seem to not always connect to Comodo One on bootup it seems if the service starts up quicker than the endpoints internet/network connection (or some other dependency) than it just never connects however a restart of the coccservice once the endpoint has booted up into windows fixes the issue. I find that if i manually set the service to have a delayed start than its more stable on the endpoints that seem to have this issue.

I do seem to find this happens more on endpoints connected via wireless.

maybe there could be a time limit on if the connection is not made in a certain time the service automatically restarts itself?



By default the service is set to start immediately and establish a connection with the ITSM server. The delayed start, is probably the best way to work around this, but of course we have forwarded your request to automatically restart the service after a time interval.

In addition, please try to leave the service with the default settings and do a clean boot (remove start-up items and non required services); this should at least eliminate the possibility of other software interfering.

Hi @Wyatt

Thank you for your reply the problem with the Delayed start is that it isn’t a perfect solution as it seems if coccservice doesn’t get an initial connect it just hangs in the state of waiting to connect to server and delayed start doesn’t always get an initial connect. And we have 340 odd endpoints currently setup with ITSM and with more to follow but on a daily basis we can have around 70 devices not showing as active when 80% of those are on and connected to the net (we also see them showing up on the RMM Administration tool if the MSI has been deployed confirming that they are on).

this starts to make remote monitoring and management of multiple endpoints a hit and miss as you cant trust the results negating the benefits of using the service.


Thank you for the additional information!
The case has been forwarded to the Development team in order to get this issue fixed.
We will keep you updated via e-mail.

@Marveltec this issue will be resolved expeditiously. Our next update targeted for October 8th will have a resolution. I look forward to get your feedback after the update to get a resolution confirmation.

Hi @Babar

Thank you for the speedy update


Ok am noticing a new issue some Comodo One Clients shows that they have communication (not network error) although shows last updated hours ago and on the ITSM dashboard shows client offline restarting COCCservice forces reconnect.

Hello @Marveltec ,

We have contacted you in your ticket DSW-338-80191 (associated with this case) and requested some additional information on this case.