ITSM Communicator Lost Connectivity

For no apparent reason, one of the PCs I have the communicator installed on just lost connection and the user says it’s prompting to enroll the computer, asking for host and token. This is a problem, as I do not have easy access to this PC. Any idea what’s caused this? I am concerned about the stability.

Big Block

@bigblock ,

Were there changes made on the endpoint from the ITSM portal (uninstalling CCS or the un-enrollment attempts?) Does the user have Admin rights on the machine? This is indeed unusual as to one device’s CCC would lose connection. How did you install the CCC? is via normal enrollment process or Bulk?

Hi @Jimmy, no changes were made. The user does have admin rights. It was originally enrolled using a bulk install package. There’s no rhyme or reason that I see. It’s just unenrolled.

big block

Hello @bigblock,

We will be sending information through your Comodo one registered email to further troubleshoot the issue.

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you.