ITSM down?

Just the last hour or so I can log in to no problem, get my dashboar, but it just spins and spins when I try to go to anything in the ITSM module… anyone else having this?

I also having the same issues when try to access ITSM Module.

Does ITSM fixed ok?
Now still can’t access…

Is it having subsequent effect on Comodo Remote Control (CRC)? I am logged in to the new CRC app, my status is Online/Green, all the devices are listed as offline.

Hi @mhberglund
We apologized for this inconvenience. The situation that you just mentioned has been reported already and is currently being investigated by the developers. Rest assured that the ‘offline devices’ status will be remedied shortly.

I would also like to add that I could not log into C1, or this forum, with Chrome, only IE.

We tested on our side with Chrome (and FF) and we are able to log in to both and We do suggest to check your Chrome installation (clear cache, check extensions, update or re-install browser, etc.) as the issue is almost likely local only to the endpoint you’re using to access the sites. Also, you may want to test accessing the sites using a different device.

We have also noticed it is down as Comodo Remote Control has shown all machines offline. However it has come back now and is still flakey in that even if machines show online, we can’t connect to them and get a connection error before it retries.

Our Comodo Remote Control shows all devices offline upon initial log in, but if I try to Remote Control after selecting the device and click either “With New Comodo Remote Control” or “with Comodo Remote Control” (both are options for some reason) it takes me to the standard download page with the link to connect. The link opens a session window, and 99% of the time never connects to the device. When opening the Comodo remote control app installed on my machine, the list then shows 1 device online (the one I’m trying to connect to) with the arrows spinning. There have been a time or two it makes it to the Ctrl Alt Dlt of the device, the send command works and I get to the login screen to enter password. As soon as I hit enter, the session disconnects. Hope this helps in researching the issue guys. Absolutely love this platform, and the support involved with it. Thanks.

Hello @sferley , @Matt2,

We do apologize for the inconvenience that you encountered with the remote control, our developers are aware and working on this issue. I also created a support ticket for you to keep you updated and we appreciate that you shared the respond of the program, this will guide us more in replicating the issue and apply the needed solution. Thank you

I have been trying to evaluate Comodo One for more than 2 weeks and when I open my dashboard, but it just spins and spins when I try to go to anything in the ITSM module.

Is this still an active problem being addressed by the developers?

Hi @focaltek,

We are sorry to hear that you’re having issues utilizing Comodo One. We have created a support ticket about your case and will contact you to resolve this issue via email.