ITSM Feature Request - Credential Management

I’d like to request a feature for ITSM that would integrate a password manager directly into ITSM.

ITSM would manage:

  • on the workstation to manage(track and rotate password for) the non-domain local admin account on the workstation
  • on the domain controller(s) to manage (track and rotate password for) domain admin accounts (could be multiple) as set out in a policy in ITSM

This would be a very good value added feature for enterprises/MSPs.

Hello @indieserve ,

Thank you for your feedback. We have contacted you by email and sent out the feature requests.

Interesting…sure we would love to add this in. Is there any example product you can share with us please? Or you can provide us more detail?
thank you.

Not sure about an example product, there are password managers that do something similar to what I’m requesting, like CyberArk. I guess I meant that ITSM would have it’s own Built-In password manager (and could rotate passwords for things like Local admin and domain admin accounts) on PCs/domains where ITSM agents are installed on. I’m not worried about domain user accounts, that can be handled by a password policy GPO easily enough. But managing the non-domain local admin passwords on a bunch of endpoints can be a non-trivial task. Regular rotation of domain admin accounts on a domain managed by ITSM agent would be a nice bonus also.

Hello @indieserve ,

Thank you for the additional feedback. We have updated the previous requests with the extra info in order to better provide what you requested!

Good idea. Need it. Customers always forget they passwords - PCs, mail, routers… So MSP must keep them (with links to aproriate devices)

Hello @Sergey

We will forward this as a Feature Request on your behalf as well. Thank you.

It would be good if this would be something that works on a remote system so if we are controlling a computer we can paste passwords that auto remove from memory (like keepass) so if a new tech uses remotes a existing customer they should have access to some of the passwords

Any update on this feature?

Hi frederikbay

  We apologize about the delay. We will contact you for any updates about the request.

We use open source PM: - for personal (home) users - for commercial users.

Fast, powerfull. You can take them as base of C1 PM. BUT PLEASE!!! DO NOT DO IT AS SEPARATED APPLICATION AGAIN!!! Or do links - from customer’s pages and from device’s pages. Or integrate PM module into customer’s and device’s pages… It will be great!

Hi @Sergey,

We appreciate the feedback, we’ll keep you posted and have sent you an email for updates.

Thank you,