ITSM idle user

It would be great if there was a quick way to see if a Windows device is idle (i.e. user has not moved mouse or keyboard in X minutes).

It would also be cool to see the last logged in user at the group level in order to quickly find a computer based on user, since most workstations are only logged in by one person.

Hi @campbell,

This is noted. We will also keep you in the loop as soon as we get an update from our developers. Thank you.

I am also interested in being notified. Thank you.

Hi @navcom,

Thanks for the interest. We will add you up too and keep you posted.

it’s good but we must be carefull in increasing data streaming, as not all country - clients have good internet.

and if we need to run some procedure only when user is idle, we can create procedure to schedule a task to run once when computer is idle for X Minute.
or we should improve (RUN Procedure) function, where when we can add “Run only if Computer is idle for X” “Run only if user is logged ON” “Run only if user is Logged Out” …
it will be more safe and clean.

Hello @phcsolutions,

That is a great idea, we would like to know more about the task that the procedure/script will perform during the idle time to create a proper procedure. Thank you

I think this is a great idea and would be a good addition.
Maybe something to add visually to the Comodo Remote Control Client?

If I can see that a systems mouse has been inactive for many hours then I may know that they left for the day and I can perform maintenance on their system.
I can see this being very useful to avoid interrupting my users in the middle of working.

@alphaomegatechnicals ,

Why not just call your client and ask when the person on a particular workstation will be done for the day? I run all my maintenance late in the evening every night after business hours when clients are not doing business. If I am working on something that is urgent and needs to be done during business hours, I call the client and tell them to wait for me to call back before using the workstation. Why keep going back to check if a workstation is idle??