ITSM Is Not Working

It might just be me or it could be everyone, however, ITSM is not loading this morning. Its just a blank page.

​Also I went to connect CWatch to our subscription and its had the spinning loading under the menu for the past week. I think its stuck.

Hello @derrick.kleckner ,

Regarding the ITSM issue, we are on it and we will let you know when the module is back online.

About CWatch problem, we will contact you over email to troubleshoot this issue.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter!

@derrick.kleckner , ITSM should be accessible now, could you please check and confirm that?

welldone for answering within 8 minutes!
We must serve our partners with utmost urgency.
Thank you

@derrick.kleckner ,

Regarding the CWatch problem, we have been informed that the issue is fixed. Please let us know if this is still an issue for you.

Getting… Something went wrong while opening “IT and Security Manager”

at the moment

Hello @snoopwoody ,

The module should be up and running, could you please confirm?

yes back in

Hello @snoopwoody ,

Thank you for confirming that! If you do encounter any other issues with C1, please let us know.