ITSM Monitoring for Offline servers

Windows Servers seem to be constantly losing connection to ITSM which is triggering offline server alerts for us. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Hello @nykcrawford,

Thank you for letting us know of your situation. We will need to investigate the issue further as we will require account specific information. We will send an email momentarily to get these information through the email you have registered in the forum.

Thank you.

You can also reach out to me about this as I have multiple examples where the monitor trigger, but when tested the server is availible

Hello @itb,

We appreciate for letting us know that you encounter the same issue. We have created a support ticket for you to get the information needed to investigate this matter. Thank you

Oh !! haha i just added the same problem, looks like its not just me !!!

Hello @dittoit,

We do have and an ongoing investigation into the false monitoring alert issue. We will keep you posted once the solution is available. Thank you

Dear All,

the developers have been working for over a month on this for me.
The problem is to do with the platform which is being re-vamped in September (Comodo correct me if I’m wrong).

The advise I got from Dev was not to use this feature until then.

I hope this helps.


Can you add me to the list as well please. I have even removed the offline monitor from the profile and still i am receiving alerts.



@dbettens ,

We will make sure to include you as well and inform all of any updates from our Product Developers.

So that answer to a problem with Device/Agent offline alerting is to not use it?
I am glad this is free, if I was paying I would be beyond pissed off.

Mind you this is not the first RMM to have this issue.

@rockowwc ,

Having reviewed the reports by Development Team, who have acknowledged the issue, we suggest not to use it in the meantime to avoid false offline/online monitoring reports

Please keep me in the loop too.

Hi @nct
As per your request, we will loop you in to the ticket and we will inform you of any important updates as we get word from the team.

The RMM is free for us to use, help improve and make the best we can with the team at Comodo.

As you say @rockowwc this is not the only RMM that has had this issue or similar ones, we moved from a massive RMM platform to this as we can have a wonderful relationship with Comodo and engage with them as well as make actual change. You will not find any companies like this, and I believe it is a wonderful model and works well, and to compliment the free RMM and other applications on the platform you can then bolt-in amazing AV and more.

Keep up the good work team!

Is there any news on this, or at least a way of stopping the alerts, I’ve removed the monitor and nearly a week later I am still getting the alerts coming through…

@neilc28 ,

We have created a support ticket for your report and are currently coordinating with our Product Developers to have it resolved. Please check your mailbox at your convenience

Turning off is the best you can do at the moment. It did take a few days for them to stop for us too, but I noticed they were delayed messaged and spoke to support to clear the queue.

Hello everyone,

We are totally aware of the issue and want to handle this on the core level so that it would be a proper fix and have better performance than before.

Currently, the team is working on re-writing the backend side of Online/Offline monitoring to fix the false positives you are facing and improve the scalability. This work is planned to be completed in September.

Until the complete resolution time, you can turn that off if you keep observing false positives.

Also, if you keep getting alerts after turning that off, please report the issue to support team with the device information so that the queue can be cleaned to prevent sending the false positive emails.

Best regards,

We have send an updated response email early part of December to confirm that the Monitoring had been addressed by our Product team. Should you have any questions please let us know.

Looks like this is working now, would be good to hear other people’s experiences