ITSM Monitoring/Ping

Quick question about the Ping feature of monitoring. Is the agent pinging from the hosted it is installed on out to the IP address listed in the monitor? I’m not sure how that fits into a keepalive scenario where we need to see if the agent is down or not. I know I’m getting a lot of instances where the devices are showing up in the list as gray (which I’m assuming means offline) but they are able to be taken over even when Gray.


Hello @easterntech50

To answer your question, the Device on which the ITSM Agent is installed, pings the external/internal IP/hostname specified the monitor.
If the ping request is sent out by our servers, then the monitor is pretty much useless in some instances. Pinging something from the cloud only makes sense to monitor routers or public facing items, as many companies block ICMP requests coming from outside their networks.

We are aware and working on the issue you have mentioned where the ITSM Agent does not report the Device as online in the ITSM Console (when in fact it is). We will keep you updated on our progress.
To try and clarify the second aspect, you are able to Takeover, because currently takeover operations are done through the RMM Agent (different agent).

I would like to monitor routers etc for external clients. I tried using ping but it looks like I have to attach the ping monitor to a machine. Is there a way we could get Comodo’s cloud servers pinging machines instead of having to attach it to a machine at our end?

Hello @dipper

We have escalated your inquiry and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

Hello @dipper

SNMP monitors will be introduced into ITSM by the end of Q4 2016, according to our current roadmap.

two different use cases:
1)ping monitor for monitoring internal assets, that are not accessible from the cloud
2)ping monitor for monitoring cloud accessible assets.

which is of interest to you?


The answer is usually both
And both have valid use cases.
i.e. check my web service is up and graph its up time from the cloud monitor.
check why the printer is not printing anymore, did it drop from wifi etc.etc.

Hello @ymi ,

We have contacted you by email regarding your request. Thank you for the feedback!

if its internal monitoring, then you need to put a computer on this so that it can monitor. Can’t use the cloud.
for that, do you want tool from us, or do you want us to develop a small form server for lets say $100 that you can use by installing it in the internal network. (you can even use this to do internal vulnerability scanning etc maybe)

As per YMI it is both but more so for myself the second option. For example I would like to see if a clients routers / modems are working (ie to check if their Internet is up).

We will setup cloud servers and make it available to our C1 users. Will ask development team to schedule it asap.

Hi Melih,

There is another thread that I had mentioned this but if there was a tool that could be installed on a cheap PC that could be dropped into a site and used for monitoring box that linked in with C1 and had the option for local storage for a managed backup as well that would be really useful

EDIT: I was thinking along the lines of a possible Linux box (because its free :P) but I guess it could be windows

how about us building a small box that can do all that for you guys? $150/$200 price point?

That would definitely be a good option :slight_smile:

what exactly do you want that box to do? (please list all the features exactly, thanks)

Monitor Switches and Routers - Up time and performance (where possible)
Monitor Printers - Up time and toner or error states
Monitoring Endpoints - Show what servers or work stations are online
A point to trigger off remote scans of a site (Network Assessment tool and/or Unknown file hunter) or what ever other options
A device to remote into to be on the network for investigation work if there are no PC’s on
Trigger off a wake on lan packet to local computers
Storage to be able to send files to if there are no PC’s on
Storage for potentially backups of computers (eg bare metal restore) [Possible external USB drive]

I am aware that a lot of the features may be possible with other products but something that would bring this data together into C1 would be useful
I will keep thinking of what other things would be useful


We have forwarded your request for analysis. We will also send you an e-mail in order to keep you updated on the progress made.

Great, as mentioned its more a “would be nice to have”


We appreciate your suggestions and we have forwarded them, of course that does not mean that it will be implemented or if it will, we don’t have an ETA, but we can send you an e-mail at least to let you know how the request is being handled.

This is exactly what C1 is missing