ITSM nice-to-have Features

I think there are a few (ok, ten) things that would really kick C1 up a notch:

  1. Global/Group Software Inventory (report + global/group remove of software) - I know software uninstall is on the ‘coming soon’ list, but global/group removal would be even better

  2. Command line (like in standalone RMM tool), Task manager (w/ kill task), Services (stop/start/restart/enable/disable), Event Viewer access for a device right from ITSM, File Manager (up/download files to the device from the browser)

  3. Procedure templating – add some functionalities to add variables to the procedures AND a way to create a shortcut for the procedure… this allows us end users to almost create our own “features”, eg a “add a registry key” script and the C1 user can just add a variable in a field so he/she doesn’t have to create a custom script for each different registry key or whatever

  4. Utilization graphs for device resources (ram/cpu/disk io/network IO AND disk queue (since this typically represents “slow” user experience when it gets backed up)

  5. SNMP monitoring support (preconfigured templates with common OIDs would be awesome, but I recognize this is a lot of work and would rather see the feature built and then OIDs crowdsourced into a library like – a bonus for SNMP would be utilization graphs as well.

  6. SEARCH. I’d love to be able to have a search box in Device List where I can search for a last-logged user, or a private IP address, or pretty much any ITSM data point and then get a list of matching devices.

  7. Custom reports via scripting; routines in ITSM to run procedures on a group of devices and assign a time limit for the procedure to run. If all endpoints complete the script then great, otherwise at specified time the script times out and reports the endpoint that failed to complete. ITSM has some kind of common ‘scratch space’ in the cloud where the endpoints all report whatever variables, and then a post-procedure script runs that sorts all the data into a proper report. Report could be for anything; create a list of hostnames, IP addresses, and MAC addresses as well as last-logged user, or whatever you want. Again, this empowers C1 users to develop their own reports.

  8. Ability to have procedures queued to run next time an endpoint is online, and status of that procedure / ability to remove it from said queue

  9. API functionality for ITSM so users can create Zapier integrations with other PSAs and products while Comodo works on polishing up ServiceDesk/vTiger. It would be great to have read API access to device info (all device stats including software inventory, etc), ITSM alerts, customers/users, but also write API access to create new device users, companies, etc.

  10. for the security side, it would be cool to be able to input a file hash or registry key and have CCS clients do an IOC sweep across all devices

Some thoughts: I know Comodo One was sort of advertised as an “open source” type platform back a year or so ago (I think google searches would still bring that up) and a lot of the modules did have OS beginnings (ServiceDesk based on osTicket, Patch Management on vFense, vTiger CRM, etc.) so I think in keeping with that theme, making ITSM extensible by the suggesting Procedure Templating (build your own RMM features) and Custom Reports would be great, and then building a community resource around this like what was done with would be huge. I think it’s great that Comodo commits resources to write scripts for people, but I think it would also be good to have more participation from MSPs themselves and crowdsource additional functionality (like OIDs, custom reports that can be shared, etc.).

Oh and I think it’s already on the list, but a permanent agent install for GPO use instead of the 90 day expiry stuff. ADDT is great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you get situations where a customer has a local guy that handles “some” IT work, and joins a computer to the domain but doesn’t install the agent. Every other RMM I know of has this functionality. And I know we CAN do it right now, it’s just that we’d have to update the GPO every 90 days. Please add permanent agent deployment functionality (even if you are limited to one key per customer so it doesn’t waste keys or whatever).

Hi @indieserve ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update.

Want to add:

  1. When you use the Patch Management in ITSM to “globally” add patches, patching for offline devices should be queued so that the patches are applied when they come back online.

  2. (and this is probably in the pipeline) a “needs reboot” (from patching or to finish applying patches) Icon in the device list.

Hello @indieserve ,

This is noted. Thank you.

Ability to search for a device by name. Ability to search and create a report. For example I want to search for all devices that have Adobe Reader version 10 installed.

Hello @NateSomers,

Thank you for sharing your ideas to improve ITSM. We already sent your request to our development team for further analysis.
We will send you an email again once we have an update.

Kind Regards,

Think I asked for that one probably a year ago. :confused:

Hi @PromptCare,

We have provided the requests to our developers and will be checking if there was a similar request for each feature. We will provide an update once we receive them from the development team.