ITSM on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

Hi guys,

So I’m rolling out some more end-points and have run into an issue getting ITSM to start on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 end-points. It gives a generic error for checking if you can start system services, then forces me to roll-back. It’s installed fine on a full Server 2012 R2 install using the same credentials, so I wouldn’t imagine its a user issue.

Has anyone managed to install on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2?

Yes. There should be no problem on a HV server.

support will open a case and investigate. :wink:

Hello @StevieG ,

We would like to further investigate the issue, support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.
Please do reply at your convenience.

By the way, If it is server without GUI ITSM agent will not work on it.

Thank you @dittoit !


Is this something that is on the roadmap? Not having monitoring on hypervisors is a pretty big hole in RMM.

Monitoring of Hypervisor-level objects is indeed included in the product roadmap @obsidianit. Its implementation is scheduled much later as developers prioritize rewriting down to the core level of the monitoring function of the ITSM portal.

This is a nice feature to have, but I have to admit most people tend to have a GUI based Hypervisor for Windows as the command line options are not fun.

Would be interested to know then this is working.

I think its a must to have for this product to be complete.
We see more and more installations without a GUI.
We use Core version on all our hypervisor servers and they are all in cluster mode.

We use either core with no gui or esx/esxi…
Neither of which itsm can cope with…

This is good to here.
I love core personally and come from a Novel background of server admin so no GUI in sight, but not all admins are able to work like this hence why I said it is a nice to have. GUI caters for all users, not just the pros.

(Don’t all laugh at once about Novel)

Core will come, but making it work with ESX/ESXI will be interesting.

LOL…you are old as heck.
I am Novel certified. I think I certified on 3.12 a loooooong time ago :slight_smile:

I do like the GUI but when you have core setup its less updates etc.


Not that old cheeky
But cannot be as old as you as I started on Novel 4 if memory serves.

Being honest I never new they had certifications in it, but I bet it had a good grounding of IP and SPX and networking in general