ITSM Patch deploy , manual

Hello, Installed new agent from ITSM.
I tried to push patches to a device from ITSM device tab, s
Not sure if needed, but set a profile Update / When Idle/ I’ve waited 1/2 hour, but still no activity seen from disk or network downloading and installing patches. It just says “Install scheduled”

The separate Patch management panel (not ITSM) does not show a patch agent installed. Is something else required to push patches from ITSM? Does the patch / rmm agent need to be installed? (The take over command is available and I can take over the device, but no patch love.

Should the new ITSM device show up in PATCH module

Thank you,

Hello @Rickkee ,

The option within the ITSM Profile “Update Rule” does not refer to the device’s patches. The CCS Update Rule Setting offers you the option “When Idle” which means that the managed computer will check for updates from Comodo servers when they go idle and download the updates, if available.
By the “old patch management”, do you mean the standalone Patch Management (separate module accessible from the Comodo One Portal)? Have you yet deployed any Patch Management agents to any devices? If you did, they should pop-up in the PM Dashboard (not in ITSM but in the stand-alone PM Module from the Comodo One Portal). If you already deployed PM agents but the devices do no appear, please let us know.
Regarding the request for the migration (migration from standalone RMM to ITSM), the case is still progressing, we have requested an update on it and we will get back to you as soon as any is provided to us. The patches in ITSM are dealt with separately than the patches in the PM Module.

I have not deployed a patch management agent. Only The ITSM agent.
The ITSM agent identifies the installed and not installed patches.
I selected Critical and Important and Clicked Deploy.
It seems to be stuck on Install Scheduled. Nothing is happening.

My understanding is that ITSM replaces RMM and Patch stand alone modules.

How to push a patch(s) immediately from ITSM?


@Rickkee Hello, Please send an e-mail with the issue you are encountering at including the screenshot presented. Also please attach a screenshot with the Device List from ITSM for further investigation.

Hello @Rickkee,

Regarding this issue, we have sent you an email requesting some additional details on this matter.
When you have the possibility please try to collect the requested logs and attach them in a reply to my email.