ITSM Patch Logs

Hi, so if patches are installed via a policy you can see the result under the endpoint in the logs>Patch Logs.

However if you manually kick off the install no logs are created? you have no way of knowing if the update was good or failed?

i updated 2, 3rd party programs over the weekend on my laptop.

I know the updates will no longer show but where are the logs?

Hi @dittoit ,

Logs for manually installed patches is not yet available in ITSM. However, we have been informed that the feature (Logs for manually installed patches) is on our roadmap. We will reach back to you with more updates regarding the development progress as soon as possible through email.

Hi @dittoit ,

We were aiming to provide the manual patch logs under the device view in 2017Q4 but as you know we gave more priority to increasing performance of the system. Now we are planning to release it in 2018Q1.

Ahmet Enes