ITSM Patch Management - How long to update?

Im using the ITSM Patch Management for some Windows 7/10/2008R2 endpoints and finding that the number of critical patches doesnt match up.

Ive got several clients that have been patched but are still showing that there are critical updates.

Is there some delay between patch management updating? Its been over 24hrs.


Hi @Joners The synchronization should not take that long, please use the procedure below to install all available security and critical updates in windows without reboot.

Please refer attached script “20170331-Reset-PM-db-and-restart-ITSM-services.json” to restart ITSM Patch management services.

We will not get execution logs for this script as we are being disconnected from ITSM agent few seconds.
Run the script as system user.
You can confirm the script result by checking data modified for pm.db (new instance)

20170331-Reset-PM-db-and-restart-ITSM-services.json (2.1 KB)