ITSM patch management list won't load

i enrolled a new device on itsm, installed comodo client communication and security. but in the patch management module for itsm, the patches show no results. i know there are patches cos the endpoint has not been patched in a long time. please what’s the fix for this?

Hello @chales ,

ITSM Agent needs to collect the list of available patches from the newly enrolled device. It will display the information in ITSM once it has completed the task.
Depending on system performance it might take up to 15-30 minutes. If this period of time already elapsed, please force a device information refresh by using the “Refresh Device Information” button in ITSM.

well, its over 4 hours now, network link is good, and i’ve pressed the refresh button several times. still it shows a blank list

Hello @chales ,

If you check available Windows Updates manually, from Control Panel, does it show any information? Is it possible that Windows Updates service is encountering issues on that particular device?

does it mean that the windows update service must be enabled on the devices? we kind of disabled the windows update service because it was sucking a whole lot of bandwidth.


The windows update service must be enabled on the devices. Please try to check the issue again after enabling it.

Hi @chales

Yes, it needs to be enabled as just to check updates.

Also, for bandwidth concern you might want to check WSUS deployment options. Our patch management would support this topology and automate the deployments if you set WSUS up according to your needs.


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