I thought the Patch tab was supposed to show “available” patches over “installed” on my ITSM when in patch mgmt on a device it is showing all updates, I have to filter available.


Is it possible to have shown the available patches only by default?


Hello @Ayildiz,

Good day. We do have the feature to have the ability to set the available update to only appear on the device on the roadmap. We will create a support ticket for you and add you in the email update for this feature. Thank you

Hello @Ayildiz,

Good day, we would like to make a follow up on the “show the available patches only by default”. We would like to verify if you would like to see this option under device list or Global Patch Inventory and also how and where this option will be selected? Thank you

Was this ever implemented? I am interested in being able to set “Available” as default rather than “Installed” or an option to only show “Available”.

@tandytech ,

Not as default yet as aforementioned on my above post.