ITSM Patch Status & Optional Patches

Is there a way to decline or hide some Windows Updates in ITSM?

Specifically Windows Updates makes the device list appear as though several machines need patches; however, the patches are all language packs that are not needed. Is there a way to either decline or hide Windows updates so the ITSM device list shows an accurate view of the environment?



Hi @Scott75

Thank you for contacting us regarding Comodo One!

You can manually hide the patches using ITSM by going to Applications, then to Patch Management, tick the box for the patch that you want to hide, the option to Hide Patch will become available.

Additionally, you can learn more about the features of the Patch Management from this link:

In the meantime, if you have additional questions regarding Comodo One please reply to this email.

Thanks Riley…

That is exactly what I was looking for!