ITSM portal down?

True, but useless if all is green when in reality it’s not!

Hello Gentlemen,

We are also aware about the status page result issue and have informed our devs about it.
Our developers are working round the clock in giving resolutions to reported issues and will continue do so. We will do all we can to resolve the matter you have reported.

Is there a status on the RMM portal page? It is still blank for us.

Hello @thartpence,

Our development team is still working on resolving the current situation. We will post updates as soon as we receive a confirmation.
Thank you for your patience.

@Ilker@melih Just wow, down almost all day long, this is unacceptable!!!

Just wanted to update on my side that I am able to get into RMM now with no further issues. Thank you for getting it running again.

I was also able to log in, a little while back, but most of my systems were still showing offline. I will try again in the morning!!

I’m seeing the same thing. If I understand correctly, the machines will have to check back in before they will show up. If you have an alternate login method, you can restart the RMM services in the machine and it will come up sooner. Otherwise, you have to wait like I do with some of my clients. :slight_smile:

Hello @thartpence and @BOSS,

We thank you for the update. Yes, it is back to life now but our development team are still monitoring it and rootcause will be provided tomorrow as per devs.
Thank you for your patience.

I will check again soon, but I was working on a system, I restarted the service, and it was already showing connected in the task at, but wasn’t showing up as online. Have not checked yet today, but sure they have it straightened out by now.

Most of my systems seem to be up again, thanks guys, I was not totally down, thanks to the good old admin console, but I am sure my procedures did not run, and the likes.

@nikki, @curatrix_pl , @intellectechs , @sgaits , @phil.tukey , @brad.studnicka , @ramon , @The_Silverback , @BOSS

Our developers will provide an official statement as to what had transpired from the last issue with the ITSM Portal.

Again, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and understand the criticality of services to our customers. Your satisfaction and reliability are very important to us and we will strive to continuously improve.