ITSM portal down?

Is the portal down right now? I am getting the “502 Bad Gateway” message.

same here… ticket logged.

I am getting 502 error as well, must be down.

Same here …

timing couldn’t be better. was about to demo to potential client, but couldn’t!

@nikki @curatrix_pl @sgaits @intellectechs

Our developers have been alerted of this case and are currently working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for this unforeseen issue

Thank you for the update, same error.

@phil.tukey ,

We understand that we might not be able to provide a timeframe yet but you can rest assure that our Developers attention is directed on resolving the situation

Thank you for the update! any ETA on when we can expect it to work again?

Would be nice if Comodo had an alerting service to indicate service issues since this portal is needed to do most of its administration

Like this one;)

dittoit: Nice! Thanks for the share. They should almost post this as a link right in the main forum page as that would eliminate a lot of questions.

I never saw this before! thank you @dittoit !

Hello Gentlemen,

We understand that we might not be able to provide a timeframe yet but rest assure that our developers attention is directed on resolving the situation.
We will provide updates as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

But how reliable is the status page when it says green all over and the RMM page still gives “502 bad gateway”?

Except it shows all is ok, when the page still loads the 503 message

pcyn: i was just going to post that. It looks like the status page is off or uses a odd metric to see what is going on.
The ITSM was up for about 20 minutes and then kicked offline again.

Looking at some of the error codes it looks like Comodo is using IBM websphere underneath. “Ugly Platform personally” .

Good thing I didn’t cancel my gotoassist subscription yet…

:mad: Well this sucks it happen again.

I’m also getting 503 error in remote control. Any idea as to the expected duration? Is this a common reoccurring issue? Wasn’t it back in October we had a similar issue?