ITSM - Procedure - List users accessing the system - How to display results?

Where to find the results of ITSM procedure List users accessing the system???
Does / should it work on remote desktop servers to see who is logged in?

Hello @Rickkee

If you go to Device List -> access the device -> Procedure logs -> you will see the log of the procedure that you ran. Clicking on Details should reveal the information that you are looking for.

By the way, this is a crazy cool feature! Guess I will have to brush up on Python scripting. Haven’t use it in 10 years. Maybe I can find a .vbs to .py translate / convert tool.

Hello @Rickkee ,

Thank you for your feedback, it’s much appreciated !
Regarding the log details suggestion, I have forwarded it as an improvement request to the appropriate staff for further analysis and we will get back to you with updates as soon as possible.