ITSM/Remote Control

I have found that the remote control feature requires the remote computer to have a decent video card or performance is slow to unusable. We manage a few old servers that have the Matrox video card that Dell used to put on their servers. These are unusable through the Comodo remote software. Also, some low end workstations are the same way. Software like Logmein and Splashtop are a lot faster on these devices. Both of those also offer the choice (or by default) to install a “mirror driver” that makes the experience even better. Making the remote control software work better on low end machines would probably improve the experience for all machines as well. A “mirror driver” feature would be an excellent addition!

Hello @pcsnc
Have you tested tinkering with the settings in the Remote Control section of the associated Profile? That is, disable the ‘Use Chromoting’ setting.

How to set Remote Control options under profile

Remote Control Settings