ITSM Results Per Page


Is it possible to add to the the “Results Per Page” for all the options under ITSM to “Show All” as an option “200” is not enough for us especially for Patch Management

Hello @Marveltec

I will forward this feature request for the ITSM Module to have the option to “Show All” under the listing pages, including Patch Management.
We will keep you updated on the case. Thank you for the feedback as well.

And could each section of the portal (RMM/PM/ITSM) remember what our setting is? I keep having to reselect it and it would be great if it could just remember for me. Same with the other preferences (severity, etc.)

Hello @PromptCare

I will forward this feature request as well. Thank you for the feedback and for your interest in the product.

Hello @Marveltec ,

Regarding your feature request to have a ‘Show All’ results per page in all menus of ITSM. Based on our testing results, 200 results per page is the maximum that a browser can display without becoming non responsive or without crashing and for the time being this limitation is needed for the portal to work properly.