ITSM seems to be down when connecting from the UK

Is ITSM down?

Also down here in South Africa

Seems to be back on now.

Hello @nctand @Marveltec,

It should be working now. May we request to check again and feel free to let us know if you still encounter any issue. Thank you

What was the issue?

Hello @nct,

Upon verifying, monitoring system shows a usage of memory more than 50% and to avoid overloading an increase of hardware was initialized that caused few minutes of ITSM not responding to some requests. Thank you

Surely you can automate this scale up and down. Set thresholds to automatically add resources when heavy loads then drop when the load reduces. Doing this by manually monitoring and adjusting in this day and age is madness !!!

@Ilker @melih Agreed, especially as this issue occurred before the US were probably even using the system and theoretically the load is lighter?

@dittoit @Marveltec Are you both finding ITSM very slow now?

Mine is fine, procedures not working again though…

Fast again now.

Hello @dittoit,

As of this post, would you please check if procedures are working again? If not, we will have this escalated to our development team.

We look forward for positive outcome.

Nope, ran one at 8.48, been out just come back still not showing as run in the portal…

Hello @dittoit,

We appreciate for confirming the result. We have created a support ticket for the issue to further investigate on this matter. Thank you