itsm service causing high cpu

i got a freshly installed pc with a ssd. the client is w10. i noticed that a hohigh cpu usage for the first 10 minutes after reboot, caused by wmiprvse. after checking eventvwr and the pid, the high amount of cpu is caused very often by the itsm service. anyone with some advice

Hi @andref ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Your not alone on this, ive seen similar things happening in my environment. Ive got one or two servers which get caught with the same issue.

Join the club, we getting lots of reports about slow computers now.

We will have a deeper look on this issue @Joners @StrobeTech . Our development team had seen the report and an investigation is already in progress.

Any word on this? I installed the client piece on a client computer and they noticed the slow down. It is preventing me from adopting this for introducing RMM to my clients. I really want to like this RMM tool but am struggling to jump in with both feet with the hiccups I have had in my test environment.