ITSM Site - 500 and 502 errors today

Is the ITSM site down? Getting 500 internal errors and 502 bad gateway errors all of a sudden

Seems it’s back up now

Hello i`m geting same erros cant do nothing!

seems up and down still

@duarte236 and @azon2111 It is a known issue and we are working around the clock to fix it. Rest assured that a fix will be deployed soon. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue after an hour. Thank you for your patience.

Mine is working fairly consistent at this time.

I can access the portal, but the issue, is several of my endpoints will not connect to your system, through the CCC. I went and looked, I rebooted , I manually restarted the service, still I am getting a network error, internet works fine. In fact, I can remote in to the endpoints, but no CCC access, and shows offline in my portal. This is only on 3-5% of may systems, but it will be those systems that have issues, when the time comes.

Yes Sir, just wanted to ensure that you were aware of the issue at hand.

Any update on this, I am still having this problem, of my CCC not connecting back to my panel, network error.

Yes, I will as soon as I can get back to my office. The last time, it would connect for a second then drop back out, then say network error on the endpoint.

@BOSS We have been informed that ITSM is back to normal mode and it should be working now. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing issues on it. Thank you.

My endpoints are still down, all of them that are down, how last connection time of around 7:30 this morning. I rebooted the endpoints, I logged out of my portal, I tried it all, not joy…

Hello and good day to all my ITSM is still running wierd under patch status / install patches there is nothing , the navigation in itsm is slow than usual and is not very responsive i have to click to times in devices list to see my devices thank you

The systems in question seem to be back online!!!

I am also having this issue, and I also don’t have much showing up under my endpoint logs, absolutely nothing under any patch management logs, on any system I have check, and there were some entries. I am guessing that you all reset the patch management for a fresh start, and flawless PM functionality???

@Damon C , I am getting the 502 bad gateway again…

I tested it on my side and I’m able to log in using Firefox and Chrome. Are you still getting the 502 Bad Gateway message as of this posting?

I will go test, I was using chrome.

It was back up this morning.

No sir, was working fine, as of yesterday morning.