ITSM suggestions

When editing procedures scheduled to run on a profile, you should be able to update what user it should run as (System account or logged on user). You have to delete and recreate the schedule to have those options again.

Bulk moving devices to a new Company, Group or Owner

Allow name change to the Default Company and Group

It would also be great if you could assign Profiles to groups directly instead of having to assign profiles to individual devices. In most situations, you have the same profile for workstations, servers, etc.

Hi @HudZ We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update. Thank you.

Hi @HudZ You can move numbers of devices in a group to another group or owner by going to device>device management then select a group and devices inside it then click on the owner tab then change owner and type in the group you want to move to.
You can also assign profile to group directly, Go to device list>Group management then select the group you want then “Manage profiles” will be enable, now you can assign profiles to it.

I have all mine assigned at the group level.

Awesome, thanks for the tip!

It was a little tricky to find at first, but the need for it was great, that was a must have!!

I would love to see GPS tracking of Windows devices in COMODO 1. My organization has 1400+ laptops that have GPS modules in them, but we have to rely on yet another software and MDM to track them.

Hello @ddavis,

Thank you for your suggestion. We are pleased to inform you that the feature you have requested is on our roadmap and planned to be delivered by the end of 2017Q4.

We will send an email and keep you informed about the progress of this feature request. Thank you.

@Anna_C This is awesome news! Will save my district some extra money. Looking forward to using it.

Is there a way to add columns to the device list within a group? What I would like to have the ability to do would be to sort devices on a column that shows who was last logged in. It would be a fast way to find someone’s PC when the hostname is cryptic and offers no help.

Hello @HudZ,

Thank you for your suggestion. We are pleased to inform you that the feature you have requested “Feature Request: Ability to select the columns to be displayed in Device List” like showing the last logged in user is on our roadmap. We will also send you an email regarding this request so that you can get updates on the said feature.

Thank you and we appreciate your feedback.