ITSM Support mail accuse me of spam...

I am answering on a ticket with some screenshots and I got this… Hmmm.

Your message to couldn't be delivered. suspects your message is spam and rejected it.


We apologize for the inconvenience that you are currently experiencing with our spam filters. As of this posting, we are still looking into the situation. Rest assured though that the concern you raised in your other forum post has been forwarded to our script developers. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

My mail went to the SPAM filter today again.

I’ve just replied to an email from Comodo and that has been reported as spam and been rejected.

This is not acceptable and needs to be resolved.

Our apologies to you @Noiden and @curatrix_pl for this inconvenience. Rest assured that your concern has already been forwarded to the responsible team to remedy the situation. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

Hi @Noiden , Hi @curatrix_pl can you please send me the email address used to send these emails? or domains you’re sending from. I’ll check why they are blocked.


@curatrix_pl @Noiden I’d suggest to check that you have valid email SPF DNS records for your mail domain and check your outbound mail relay service IP addresses against blacklists to make sure you aren’t being blocked as a result. Not having an SPF record will cost you points in most SPAM filtering systems which could push your message above the scoring threshold. Mail relayed through any mail server IP that is on a blacklist will almost certainly also cause issues with delivery. Many well known mail services end up with some of their IPs on blacklists at times. GoDaddy, Bluehost and other primarily web hosting providers that have email services end up with this issue routinely.


@vitalsupport I can assure you that our domain does have valid SPF record and that we appear to be on no blacklists.

Also having issues replying to tickets and getting spam message bounce backs

Hello @mbarrett,

We have forwarded the issue to the appropriate team to resolve.
We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

The blacklist was all OK and the SPF looks like this, I think that should be ok, it complains something about -all thing there.

Same issues here can confirm that we are on no none black lists, have valid SPF/DKIM records.

The real pain here is that i needed to report that the forum had near enough fallen over on Friday, submit ticket email rejected. Couldnt post the issue on the forum either. Poor.

Still not working - trying to respond to a ticket that you guys are chasing my for ([#NII-704-36820]) and getting response saying its rejected as Spam.

Hello @Noiden, @mbarrett, @curatrix_pl, and @Joners,

We have reached out to our Infra-team with regard to this concern. We have created a ticket for this concern and we look forward to your replies for our team to investigate on this.

I have experienced the same thing with regard to ticket DKT-743-46290.

And how do we reply to this ticket???

Hi Team

Here’s a screenshot of my bounceback.


Hi Damon

I just tried to reply to your email and got the same message as above, however if I create new messages to c1-support or itsmsupport they work fine.

The issue seems to be with replying to an existing ticket/email.

Hope this helps your team.


@Noiden ,

We thank you for replying to our support email confirming that this issue is no longer occurring.