ITSM Webpage Down

You might as well make this a sticky topic, it seems every so many days the webpage for ITSM and the Agent used to remotely connect to machines is down. It will not load, does not give an error message, and will not connect.
Please fix ASAP, I am using RMM Module as a backup way but need ITSM fixed ASAP, thanks.

And now I am getting an error message when I refresh the page


Hi @jtlogic
There was an issue with accessing the ITSM page earlier. Unfortunately, this issue was not present for everyone. We here at C1 Support experienced a few seconds of delay before the ITSM page loaded while other users can access it just fine. But some users (like you) ended up with the ‘CDbException’ message. We reached out to the backend team and we’ve been advised to check again now.

As of this posting, are you still getting the same page above?

It is working now but like I said “every so many days” this same thing happens. Randomly I cannot get in, which is not good because I may be on the phone with a client and need to pull up some information from that webpage when I’m on a call. For it to work an hour or two later is not good for my business.