ITSMService causing extreme slowness in Windows and stalls

For some reason, on one of my computers, the ITarian EM Client - RMM Service duplicates itself over and over causing extreme slowness in Windows and then finally stalls the OS. I have removed ITarian completely from the computer and Itarian console, and reinstalled, but to no avail. AFAIK, it is only happening on this computer. Granted, it’s an older Dell machine with Intel Xeon processor and 24 GB RAM with SSD, but until recently it has run Itarian with no issues.

If I stop ITSMService, the computer goes back to normal and I can use it with no problems. If I start the service, the problems mount up again. For now, I’m using a backup RMM agent to monitor and manage the machine remotely, but I would like to get back to using ITarian.

If anyone has any clues into solving this mystery, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for listening!

I forgot to mention, it’s running Windows 10 and I keep it fully patched; however, after posting this I noticed 2022-01 Cumulative Update Preview (KB5009596) avaible. I’ll install it and see if that resolves anything.

ITarian EM Clien - RMM Service Duplicating 100% CPU.jpg

Hi @uandit,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have asked our backend team to create a support ticket on this issue.

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Thank you @PremJkumar. Let me know if you need anything.