[January] What's New on Comodo Client Security?

New Windows Features
● Split ‘Unrecognized and quarantined files’ scan into two separate scans
● Schedule antivirus scans on specific days of the week.

Data Loss Prevention
New discovery scans allow you to audit and control sensitive data on a network. Discovery rules let you scan for specific document types and patterns, and to create scan exclusions. We also added discovery scan logs.

Vulnerability & exploit fixes
● Identify the digital signature level of a newly created system process.
● Identify the parent process of any new system process.

Bug Fixes
● CCS no longer causes system restore operations to get stuck at ‘System restore is restoring the registry’.
● Fixed bug that prevented users from saving Excel docs to a network folder when CCS 11.5 is running.
● Fixed bug that caused device control to function incorrectly when scan removable media is enabled.
● Fixed issue that caused application delays and errors when containment is enabled.
● Fixed issue that caused some devices to freeze if CCS is installed.
● Fixed bug which caused CCS to report all files scanned by CCE as ‘Unrecognized’, instead of their true trust rating.
● Fixed incorrect timestamps after running a Comodo reputation DB update.
● Fixed issues that caused high CPU and RAM usage by cmdagent
● Fixed bug that prevented CCS updates via Squid if authentication was enabled.
● Fixed bug that caused CCS antivirus and firewall to remain in the WMI Security Center namespace after uninstalling CCS on Windows 10.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Thank you for the update. What’s the new version number?

@MagicDonut ,

The latest Comodo Client Security version is now . You can view latest versions info under Endpoint Manager Portal > Settings> Support

How is everyone finding the January Comodo Client Security update?