[January] What's New on Remote Control and Remote Tools?

Hello everyone!

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE and ITarian on Saturday (2019-01-19) morning! The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo ONE and ITarian will be in maintenance mode. Remote Tools

New Features

  • Admins can now set remote tool options in profiles. You can now configure access for different Remote Tools - File Explorer and Process Explorer. The following options are available:
    • Silent connection
      	Connect without notifying the end-user
    • Ask then allow (waiting time is configurable in seconds) Ask end-user permission but connect anyway if they don't respond within a set time
    • Ask then deny access (waiting time is configurable in seconds) Ask end-user permission but close the connection if they don't respond within a set time
    • In order to block connection Turn off all Remote Tools options
    • Show notification
      	Display a message on the target device which states that a remote session is active and the name of the admin who is connected. If enabled, you can also set the following:
      • Allow endpoint user to terminate the connection
      • Keep the notification window open after the session is terminated

        Here is the wiki of this feature.

Remote Control


  • Support for the latest operating systems. We continue to develop the platform which lets you manage EVERY device on your network or your customer’s network. In addition to the existing list, you can now remote control to your managed endpoints which are running on macOS 10.14
Bug Fixes
  • There was a UI display issue when admin connected to MacOS Sierra device, this is fixed with January release.
  • Mac devices were showing offline in Remote Control application, however, devices were online on Endpoint Manager portal, this is also fixed and available with January release.

We look forward to your feedback! Please leave any comments and suggestions below!

Best Regards,

Product Manager