[July] What's New on Remote Monitoring and Management?

Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases for the Comodo ONE platform this Saturday (07/14/2018) morning.

Notes about the platform update:
Once it starts, the platform will be on maintenance mode for 4 hours (early hours of the day, US Eastern time). We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

New Features

  • Send parameters to procedures. From now on, you can use parameters inside script procedures and select them when running your procedure.
    • Easily define parameters inside scripts by writing itsm.getParameter(‘parameterName’)
    • Set type, label, default and possible values of your parameters
    • Configure parameters while running the procedure.
    • Simple and effective. Go ahead and check it out under procedures.
  • You can reach the wiki of this feature from here.
  • Performance monitoring defaults changed. CPU, RAM and network usage defaults change from 75% to 95%.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of blank information in alert e-mails for disc space monitor

We look forward to your feedback! Please leave any comments and suggestions below.

Best Regards,
Comodo ONE Product Management Team

You wiki page does not exist… 404 error

Hello @rockowwc ,

Thanks for the notice. I updated the wiki link.