[June] What's New on Endpoint Manager?

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that latest version of ITarian will go live on the first week of June, 2020.

The release schedule will be as follows:
US Region -> The release will start on 3rd June 2020 Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
EU Region -> The release will start on 4th June 2020 Thursday at 5 AM GMT

The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

  • Ability to enforce passwords change every X days example 90 days
From now on, administrators will be able to define password expiration period for Endpoint Manager users. With this feature, the Endpoint Manager users will be forced to change their password after password expiry period is over, just like ITarian users.

Here is the wiki of this feature.

  • Support for Android 10 KNOX
From now on, we are supporting devices having Android 10 KNOX operating systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of procedure not being skipped when maintenance window is in off state and option “Skip devices warned by maintenance window settings” enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of the unresponsive “Delete” button in Procedures section.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect language on device enrollment wizard.
  • Fixed the issue of procedures being executed on all companies even if a certain company is chosen.
  • Fixed the issue of wrong search result appearing for Device Group field in Bulk Installation Package section.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to add host value in firewall rule if hostname includes numbers.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to generate quarantine report.
  • Fixed the issue of remote control not being loaded from Service Desk.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to save Antivirus section within existing profile.
  • Fixed the issue of “Old device only” filter showing incorrect results in Device List.
  • Fixed the issue of absence of “SubmitTicket” option inside Endpoint Manager agent for several devices after latest release.


New Features

  • Ability to Hide/Unhide and "Show Hidden Event(s)" options will be added to Containment from Portal.
Here is the wiki of this feature.

Data Loss Prevention

  • DLP Monitoring rules were moved to be able to be configured in 'Configuration templates -> Data Loss Prevention' section. All existing DLP Monitoring rules moved from profile level to portal level.
Here is the wiki of this feature.


  • Improve Audit logs for 'Export to csv' actions
Here is the wiki of this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of "Filters from Security Dashboard > Device View for separate components don't work properly”
Best Regards, Product Management Team