1 is showing that the patch is installed, but windows update on the server isn’t and showing it as ready to install.

When I press install, it then changes to restart now. Should it not set the reboot flag when it installs? 1 shows the reboots requirement as maybe, but it must actually be yes.

Hello @poynter,

On the given scenario, the patch was already pushed by the portal that is why on the Comodo One side, the patch is showing as installed. Another indication is that when you click on install on the patch from the device, it changes to restart. The patch reboot indicates as maybe since the patch may or may not apply without the reboot and its a user discretion if he wants to restart the device to fully apply the updates. Thank you

@poynter ,

We thank you for adding additional information to your initial reports. We will report these outputs to our Developers for investigation and give you complete details. We will communicate with you via forum registered email for some private information we might need for analysis.