Keep getting alerts with old dates and profiles


I am constantly getting alerts from my monitored systems that have old dates and profiles. For example, It is currently 0:33 on Oct. 18th and I just got an alert for a system dated 19:08 on Oct. 15th. In addition, it is alerting with the original Recommended Performance Monitoring settings in a profile I am not using anywhere. Does anyone have any insight on what’s going on?

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The pace I get these appears to be accelerating. I used to get them every couple days, then every couple hours. Now it’s every 10-15 minutes that it generates alerts and tickets.

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Hello @bigblock,

Please verify the profile attached to the device having an issue with the alert, the profile should be the correct profile intended to the device. There should be one profile attached to the device, if by any chance the assigned profile is correct, please remove the profile and add it back to the device again.

We will also make a support ticket for you to further assist you with this concern. Thank you

Hello @Joners,

We appreciate for letting us know about the issue and sharing the screenshot. We have created a support ticket for the mentioned issue to further investigate on this matter. Thank you


I confirmed the profile is correct and I’ve removed and re-added multiple times. I did not restart the CCC service. Is that a requirement? Here are some screenshots of the emails that are being delayed. This is more concerning than the wrong profile problem, as I do not know when a device goes down until days later.

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Hi @bigblock
Thank you for the feedback. Restarting the ITSM client service (CCC) does help as it refreshes the connection between the client and the cloud server.

Please do continue with the support ticket and we will simply update this forum topic once we have resolved your concern.

I’ve also having this same issue on random endpoints. As well as the issue described here:

These have been happening pretty much since I started using Comodo. Restarting ITSM service does nothing, nor does reinstalling the agent, nor removing and re-adding profiles.

In my example, the “Device Offline Monitor” is not even applied to this machines profile yet I still get 2 alert emails randomly from this device most of the time when the device isn’t actually offline. I share the concern with everyone of these issues as I’m concerned I will not actually know when a critical endpoint actually goes offline

Here is the device that keeps alerting for a non-existing monitor called “Device offline Monitor”. The monitor once existed in another profile. Below is the profile applied to the device

Here is the monitors for the above profile. As you can see Device offline Monitor does not exist

Hello @bigblock, @Joners, and @eztech,

‘Delayed Monitoring Alerts in ITSM Portal’ has already been escalated to our development team and fixed will be implemented on October 21 release.

We look forward for positive outcome.

Hi @Anna_C, thank you for addressing the issue. I didn’t see any info in regards to the Oct 21 release. Did it go as planned? Has anyone confirmed the issue is resolved?


Hello @bigblock,

We have not received any reports from our partners regarding this issue. Kindly let us know if you are still receiving the the same and we will let the development team know.

Thank you.

Hi @Riley_C , the issue has cleared up for us as well. Thank you very much for addressing quickly!


So this issue has returned for me. I’ve been getting alerts for monitor profiles that havent existed in months. I just got one now for a device that has been offline for days. Obviously this isnt a client side issue as the client hasnt even communicated to the C1 servers in days. ITSM shows last connection of this device as 11/11/17. Sigh…


Hi @eztech ,

Thank you for contacting us! We will report back to you shortly.

Thank You.

@leen-comodo havent heard anything from anyone. Can I get a status update on this issue?