Knowing When Patching is Complete

How does one know when the patching process is complete on an Endpoint client? If I initiate a patch sequence, are there logs in the console that will tell me the status of a patch sequence on one or more client computers?

@GJHorn-SWAW ,

Patch Logs would be the best way.

There is nothing in there. I go into the device and to Logs. I go to Patch Logs and - No Results Found.

If you go to the Endpoint Manager Procedures - [Patch Procedure responsible for patchint], look in Execution Logs. It should show you the details.

Thanks for the information. But I didn’t use procedures for patching. I went into the Device - Patch Management - selected the patch and then clicked on the Install Patch(es) button.

Ok. In that case, it should be as Jimmy mentioned in the Patch Logs of the Device. Or, you could check Endpoint Manager - Dashboard - Audit Logs. Filter by interested Device or other filters.

@GJHorn-SWAW ,

On-demand patches do not product patch logs. If you are needing to see logs on portal we suggest using patch procedure instead of manually pushing selected patches.