Korumail Pro 6.6.13 Released!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce our new release. This release provides some features, improvements and fixes. This document communicates all of these major changes in Korumail Secure Email Gateway.

• Adding new update mechanism to get multiple update packages in a single process

• Improvement in Linux kernel vulnerabilities update

• Bug fix in whitelisted smtp-ips module warning message description
• Bug fix in adding a new profile errors

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail

Where can the ISO be downloaded?

I have 6.5 installed but its asking for “CAM Activation Key”

Hi James,

For Korumail Pro edition which has advanced protection features like containment…etc, there is no any ISO file that can be downloaded. Initial setup is done by Comodo Support after purchasing a Pro license then any updates for this edition are seen on the top of the dashboard as a notification and you can get the newer update automatically by clicking on it.

I think you may want to ask for Korumail Premium edition. You can find the necessary information and base setup ISO file for this edition under Korumail web site page below:


After installing from this file, you need to take a Korumail Premium Activation Key also by clicking the “Get Your Free License” button on this page. Then you should enter this License Key on CAM Activation Key part on your console to use the product.

I hope these clarifications would be helpful for you. If not, please let us know to help you.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail

Cluster, can we run 2 of these for failover?

Yes, you can use as clusters with two different setups but do not forget that configurations and logs should be managed independently.

I still cannot get the CAM it says:

error prohibited this subscription from being saved

There were problems with the following fields:

  • Free product can’t be bought. Please select a different option.
I have a key from before but its not working.

So not really a cluster then, 2 independent versions, with manual copy of settings??

Two independent instance that should be managed seperately but you can backup and restore all your configurations with maillogs. But the version of backuped one should be same as the version of restored one.

For your license issue, if you had got a Free license before, you can not get another one again. But the license you got before should be worked. If you can send an email to our support address: korumailsupport@comodo.com, our support guys can investigate it in detail with you. or I see that you were in contact with our support for your another request today, you can tell this issue on that conversation also whichever is comfortable for you if your problem still exists.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail

Ok, my point is I want 2 mx records, server1.domain.com and server2.domain.com, surly if I backup server1 and restore to server2 I will just end up with 2x server1?


Being able to run two servers that host a DB each and then sync between each other would be good as this allows proper failover and multiple MX’s instead of having one dedicated MX with a independent backup system sat there with a backup ready.

Basically what I’m trying to do. But as a work around the backup and restore would work.