Korumail Pro 6.6.7 Released!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce our new release, Korumail Pro v6.6.7. This release provides some features, improvements and various fixes. You can see all the major changes below in Korumail Pro Edition v6.6.7.

• Creating a new products list for DAS by moving all existing products from miscendpoints menu to dedicated dome menu in Comodo Accounts Management for new buyings.

• Improvements in checking the outgoing mail counts.

• Bug fix about data presenting and boundary failures in reports part.
• Bug fix about user double counting caused from users with different domain extensions.
• Bug fix in domain master configuration that users can see the other domains logs without any validations.
• Bug fix in users part by removing the viewer users from the sql database.

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail